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What to expect when you commission a painting:


Choosing the Image

Do you have memories connected to specific places? Have you traveled to any location you found particularly beautiful? Or perhaps you like an arrangement of flowers or a favourite spot in your garden. These are the types of images and photographs that I can transform into a beautiful painting for your home! 


Pricing Scheme

As a general rule, the larger the dimensions and the more expensive the materials used, the more your painting will cost. That said, you can find prices for the most frequently used dimensions on my prices page. Commissions take a bit more time than my other paintings because they are customised, so the price is marginally more than others of the same dimensions.


What you get with your commision

With your commissioned piece you will receive a receipt outlining your purchase as well as a detailed description of the piece with the Artist's signature for authenticity. You will also receive the latest version of the artist's business card. 


Sizes and Mediums

I can make a painting as large or small as you like within certain dimensions. The larger the image the more it will cost. My 3 preferred mediums are: acrylic paint, oil pastel drawings, and markers. With an acrylic painting you can chose between a painting on canvas or on multimedia paper. (Multimedia paper will not exceed the dimensions of 26cm x 35cm.) All other mediums are available on multimedia or marker paper. 



My current location is in Switzerland so deliveries within Switzerland are much cheaper and pick-up is even an option. Outside of Switzerland delivery charges will apply but paintings can be shipped anywhere in Europe, Canada and the United States. 


To Start the Process send a message to the artist stating your name and your desire to commission a work of art.

I look forward to doing business with you!

As a child, my parents often took my sisters and I to a local wooded creek.... I was able to capture a photo, and that photo is what I asked Carlina Faasse to recreate on canvas. The painting is vivid, alive, and timeless.... It holds a special place of pride in my house....  


- Luke P. 

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